BarryCarlyon's Super Simple Discord Notifications Platform

This Website provides Super Simple and Quick Discord Notifications for your Stream going live.

We limit you to only Notifying One Discord for the Twitch ID you log in as. Mostly for Service health and efficent use of the Twitch API.

This is an Open Source project, covered under the WTFPL Licence (aka Do What the F**k You want), you can review the source code at GitHub

But What does it look like?

Well heres an example:

An Example Discord Go Live Notification

Coming soon:

  • more any customisation options
  • things you can pay for (since running services like this are not free)

If you wish to contribute to running costs, check out the following links

Getting Started

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Quick Start

This tool lets the Twitch Channel Owner only setup the "Twitch to Discord Notification".

As to use EventSub for zero cost requires permission from the Twitch Channel Owner.

So the Twitch Channel Owner will need to Login, then click "Link a Discord"

And that is it.

There is a test button to send a "test" notification to check the right Discord Channel is selected, which will the self delete that test message after.